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About Us

The NTHU Institute of Taiwan Languages and Language Teaching was founded in 1997, with the launching of the M.A. program. In 2003, we added a Ph.D. program. Being recognized as the first of its kind in Taiwan that combines linguistic studies with language pedagogy, our Institute is dedicated to the research of languages in Taiwan and the teaching of these languages. We have a very strong commitment to the study of Taiwanese Southern Min, Hakka, Austronesian languages, and Mandarin Chinese. Students are given well-rounded training in linguistic research, language teaching, and the application of the former to the latter. The courses offered introduce students to the current theories and advanced analytical skills in linguistics, so that students can gain a solid foundation for further research on languages in Taiwan and for future career as language teachers. Multi-ethnicity is an important feature in Taiwan as well as in our Institute. The multi-ethnic environment affords students an opportunity to discover the particularities and typological significance of their own languages. It is our hope that the linguistic heritage of these different ethnic groups can be well preserved and passed down for generations to come. Based on their specialties, students graduating from our Institute may choose to do linguistic research, become language teachers, develop and compile language teaching materials, seek jobs in language testing organizations, serve as translators, etc.