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Master program

The array of courses offered by the M.A. program includes both the required “core” courses and a broad range of electives in linguistics, Taiwan languages, and language teaching. These courses introduce students to the basic concepts and essential analytical skills in linguistics so as to lay a solid foundation for further research on languages in Taiwan.

required course

General Survey of Languages I

General Survey of Languages II

Seminar on Research Methodology

Thesis Writing

optional course

Studies on Language Instruction in Taiwan

Teaching Phonological System of Languages

Grammar Teaching

Semantics in Language Teaching

Vocabulary Teaching

Introduction to Languages in Taiwan

Theories of Language Teaching

Cognitive Linguistics and Language Teaching

Seminar on Assessment of Language Teaching

Development and Evaluation of E-learing Materials in Language Education

Seminar on Language Teaching Materials and Methods

Seminar on Children Language Development

Reading Theories and Teaching

Seminar on Writing Teaching

Action Research on Language Teaching

Seminar on Reading Comprehension

Articulatory Phonetics

Language Field Investigation

Studies of Language Contact

Studies of Sociolinguistics

Language and Culture

Language and Brain


Experimental Phonetics

Seminar on Historical Linguistics

Seminar on Psychological Linguistics

Seminar on Cognitive Linguistics

Seminar on Corpus Linguistics

Seminar on Phonological Theories

Seminar on Chinese Phonology

Seminar on the Syntax-Lexical Semantics Interface

Studies of Quantitative Linguistics of Taiwan Languages

Language Acquisition

Seminar on Formosan Languages

Introduction to Formosan Languages

Formosan Syntax

Formosan Morphology

Studies on Taiwan Hakka

Studies on Taiwan Southern Min

Studies on Syntax of Min and Hakka

Studies on Lexicon of Min and Hakka

Studies on Experiments of Taiwan Languages

Studies of Language Change in Taiwan

Seminar on Teaching of Taiwan Languages

Studies on Taiwan Literary Language

Teaching Indigenous Languages

Teaching Hakka Languages

Teaching Min Languages

Studies on Chinese Linguistics

Studies on Bilingual Literacy Instruction

Fundamental Issues on Language Teaching

Quantitative Research on Language Teaching

Qualitative Research on Language Teaching