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Ph. D. program

The Ph. D. program offers courses in theoretical linguistics and research methodologies, linguistics applied to other disciplines, and language teaching. These courses help students to reach an adequate level of analytical and critical thinking capabilities and to broaden their knowledge about the methodology and advanced technology in linguistic research. Combined with local education counseling, courses in language education are designed to develop knowledge and critical understanding of current theories in language pedagogy, and relate these to teaching practice.

optional course

Development and Evaluation of E-learing Materials in Language Education

Studies on Taiwan Literary Language

Seminar on Reading and Writing Instruction

Seminar on Reading Comprehension

Theories of Language Teaching

Seminar on Research Methods in Language Education

Subjective Dialog and Classroom Observation

Seminar on Contemporary Linguistic Theories

Seminar on Phonological Theories

Seminar on Syntactic Theories

Seminar on Chinese Phonology

Seminar on Language Operating Theories

Seminar on Historical Linguistics

Seminar on Psychological Linguistics

Seminar on Cognitive Linguistics

Seminar on Corpus Linguistics

Seminar on Pragmatics

Seminar on Semantics

Classical Readings of Linguistics

Seminar on the Syntax-Lexical Semantics Interface

Studies of Language Contact

Studies of Sociolinguistics

Language Analysis

Seminar on Discourse Analysis

Seminar on Language Typology

Seminar on Language Structure

Language Acquisition

Studies on Experiments of Taiwan Languages

Studies of Language Change in Taiwan

Comparative Studies of Taiwan Southern Min Dialects

Comparative Studies of Hakka Dialects

Formosan Syntax

Studies of Quantitative Linguistics of Taiwan Languages

Seminar on Formosan Languages

Comparative Studies of Formosan Languages